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Rachio Smart Hose Timer Kit Coming March 2023

Easily create programs and control outdoor faucets with the Smart Hose Timer and Rachio app. Comes with one valve and one WiFi Hub (more valves can be added below). Timer valve requires two AA batteries (not included). This presale product is expected to ship in late March 2023.

The new Smart Hose Timer seems to be a much more universal solution, effectively adding a layer of remote smartphone control and tracking to the water flow coming out of your typical home outdoor faucet and, subsequently, your average sprinkler setup.

The new Wi-Fi connected Smart Hose Timer, according to Rachio, “can be installed in under 10 minutes and easily connects an existing hose spigot to a hose, turning it into an intelligent water delivery tool.” Working alongside the free Rachio app, users can program and schedule multiple different water schedules for each day while leveraging a series of smart features.

The brand’s built-in Weather Intelligence and hyper-local weather tracking can “automatically adjust watering schedules based on changes in weather and seasons.”

The Smart Hose Timer will “automatically skip an individual watering based on real-time rain, and not the entire day’s schedule, ensuring that other runs aren’t unnecessarily skipped.” Rachio allows its customers to “truly personalize their watering, showing every scheduled run in-app and letting customers easily skip or unskip any” of them.

Aside from the actual convenience of a system like this that just about anyone using your typical outdoor hose for watering can enjoy, it also mitigates excess water loss as well as allowing folks to keep a close eye on their personal water usage data.

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